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Founder & CEO, CTO
Tibi started working on the idea of making networking more valuable - by identifying people whose collaboration can lead to profitable partnerships.

Effective networking is difficult because most of the time it is driven by randomness, and because it is unfeasible to meet and talk meaningfully with all the participants a events. EventNetworker helps facilitate a powerful pre-event networking session. Successful participants come prepared to have the most valuable interactions, and leave with a stronger sense of engagement towards the participating group.
Organizers gain both higher retention rates and knowledge of participant's interests through anonymized analytics.

Tibi brings to the team his MBA education (Chicago Booth) in entrepreneurial and quantitative/analytical areas, and a PhD (Purdue CS) that is used in all the technical aspects of building a matchmaking platform, from execution to scaling and powerful analytics.


Marketing : Product, Content, Strategy
Laura is managing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy for EventNetworker .
Laura is in charge with:
  • content marketing for market development
  • product marketing and product-market fit
  • busines development for customers acquisition, growth hacking, identifying partnerships, etc
  • overall marketing strategy
Laura has PhD from University of Chicago, and worked for the last 5 years in multitude of marketing managerial and leadership roles.


Business Development and Product Manager

Terry is currently pursuing his MBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with concentration in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, and General Management. During his internship at Visa, Terry identified growth initiatives through analyzing $7 Trillion payment transactions and created KPI to measure progress of $13 million cost saving initiative.

Terry authored a defensive publication on advertising method, spearheaded the 1st Champaign Technology Lighting talk social event, volunteered at Danville Correctional Center for the Education Justice Project, and directed retreat for college students.

Terry obtained a B.S. with major in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in May of 2004.

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