We try to keep this service FREE for small events. However, we do have to cover our hosting and resource utilization costs, and as your utilization increases, we will have to pass some of the costs onto you. Also, we have some great ideas for new features -- and supporting that work comes down to more expenses.

We do not sell or "leak" your information to advertisers (we don't run ads), so we will eventually need to rely on payments from you. If you can afford it, please pay us. If your event will result in high resource utilization levels, we will definitely contact you for payment. If your utilization level decreases, after three months, we will notify you and automatically revert you to the appropriate plan.


$ 0

for small events
or initial test pilots


Free plan features

- Intended for groups of < 100 people
- Anyone can create a group
- Group management console
- Match power tools


$ 49

each 100 registered users *
per event

Contact us

Standard plan features

- Includes all free features
- Analytics dashboard and reports
- Mobile API and development support
- No-Account-Participation, session-based matching
(*) Applies only to event participants who elect to use this service


$ (b+v*p)

base maintenance fee +
volume based pricing

Contact us

Ultimate plan features

- Includes all standard features
- Customized white Label implementation.
- Customer-requested features.

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