Events Are For Networking

We help the participants find awesome discussion partners

Your Event Rocks When People Connect.

This tool helps you, the event organizer, facilitate strong participant engagement:
You create a "search group" for the event you're organizing
and using shared interests of the participants, we'll identify great conversation partners
How It Works:
Functionality Schematic
Service Design Principles:

Clean and Simple

Employ only the essential info and functionality.

User in Control

Nobody but the user is in control of the outcomes.

Private Participation

Reveal only common interests to matched participants.

Instant Setup - Attract Participants - Deliver Satisfaction

Help People Connect

Are you an event organizer ?

Click here to create a participant matching group for your event
Example Use Cases:
Pre-Event Networking

Warm up the crowd by helping people identify early conversation partners and topics. This helps with the acquisition, recruiting, and attraction of new participants.
Virtual Events

Launch your online event with topics and conversations that are meaningful to your participants.
After Event Collaborations

Get higher retention and satisfaction from participants who get move value from your event. These people will come back, they be moe helpful to your community, and will add themselves more value to the event.

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